We find solutions that are highly functional for emergency situations. They are durable, adapted to the user and designed to suit the interior of the emergency vehicle

We also design and manufacture products for other industries such as advertising and design.

Information about our best selling standard range of rescue, emergency and oxygen is given here:


Emergency Bag

EMERGENCY BAG Emergency bag that prioritises easy, fast and transparent equipment storage. In a bag designed to fill as little as possible at an injury site and can be transported safely in the amb...


Rescue Bag

RESCUE BAG - Weight: 3.1 kg (empty) - Dimensions: H 49 cm - W 43 cm - D 25 cm (empty) Outer pockets for easy access to equipment. Colour-coded, removable inner bags, designed to be operated with gl...


Rescue Bag Mini

RESCUE BAG MINI WITH ROOM FOR AED Compact and sturdy treatment bag suitable for emergency treatment sector or as storage of specialised equipment. The same layout as our treatment bag targeted at a...


Oxygen Bag 2

OXYGEN BAG 2 Oxygen bag developed in collaboration with Hovedstadens Beredskab in Copenhagen. The oxygen bag focusses on comfort and clarity with easy access to the equipment. Weight: 2,3 kg (empty...


Oxygen Bag (AED)

OXYGEN BAG WITH ROOM FOR AED Oxygen bag suitable for fire trucks and first responders as it incorporates the heart starter into the oxygen bag, thereby reducing the number of bags to be handled at ...


Doctors Bag

GP DOCTORS BAG Compact yet spacious and manageable medical bag, with room for much equipment. - Weight: 3.2 kg (empty) - Dimensions: H 37 cm - W 44 cm - D 25 cm (empty) Transparent inner pockets Pl...