Rescue Bag Mini

  • Rescue Bag Mini with space for AED
  • Rescue Bag Mini



Compact and sturdy treatment bag suitable for emergency treatment sector or as storage of specialised equipment.

The same layout as our treatment bag targeted at ambulance and prehospital emergency physicians.

Weight: 2,4 kg (empty)
Dimensions: H 37 cm - W 43 cm - D 21 cm (empty)

  • Quick and easy access to cardiac arrest
  • Easy access to equipment via the two large side pockets and the top pocket
  • Flexible interior
  • Color coded removable inner bags for flexibility and clarity
  • Reinforced in places subject to severe wear
  • Powerful shoulder straps and carrying handles
  • Can be serviced and extended for life at Rodvig´s Danish Workshop

Just because the word mini is included in the item name, there is nothing mini about this bag. The same focus on quality and durability as the larger treatment bags is reflected in this compact version.
 The bag will suit the emergency care sector well, whether the fire department, Samaritans or first aid bag at a company. It is also suitable as a specialist bag in ambulance or medical vehicle / helicopter, where special equipment needs storage eg. for children, burns, injury, fluid treatment,

The pocket pouch ensures easy and quick access to the cardiac starter as there is no need to open the main treatment bag to access it.
Easy access to equipment is available in the two large side pockets and the top pocket.

When the treatment bag is opened, the interior of the bag appears clear and flexible using same same colour-coded, removable inner bags as our emergency bags