RECOVER™️PRO X – O2 Response Bag (TS2 Ready™️)

RECOVER™️PRO X - O2 Response Bag (TS2 Ready™️)

The RECOVER™️PRO X Bag is built to help you rapidly and proficiently deploy emergency oxygen during critical moments and save lives, with COMPLETE INFECTION CONTROL. Similar to the OMNI™️PRO X, the RECOVER™️PRO X is the foundation for a system of TS2 Ready™️ bags that are interchangeable, enabling you to attach additional TS2 Ready™️ modules to the bag’s sides depending your requirements. Packed with features, the RECOVER™️PRO X oxygen backback system delivers the quality, reliability, and functionality you expect when you’re called in action.


Product Dimensions: 41,91 cm i bunden, 27,94 cm i toppen x 66,04 cm x 19,685 cm

Product Weight: 3,373 kg