Oxygen Bag


Compact sturdy oxygen bag that can hold large amounts of airway handling equipment. Flexibility, easy and quick access to equipment and several guiding options are key words that go by this oxygen bag.

- Weight: 2,7 kg (empty)
- Dimensions: H 27 cm - W 60 cm - D 22 cm (empty)

  • Holds 3L oxygen bottle
  • Room for oxygen powered suction and 1L Serres fluids container
  • Room for Laerdal LCU 4 electric suction with 300 ml fluids container
  • The bag can be modified according to the equipment used
  • Flexible lid that lets the user decide how much to open the bag
  • Reinforcement on the bottom and behind the oxygen bottle means the oxygen bag can be stored lying down or standing
  • Reinforced shoulder strap

Compact oxygen bag containing a 3L oxygen bottle and oxygen powered suction with 1L fluids container or battery powered suction (Laerdal LCU 4 with 300 ml fluids container), in addition to airway handling equipment.

As the insert can be removed, there are several versions of this device to fit exactly with the equipment that is used for the different users.

The lid is equipped with mesh pockets that allow easy and quick access to equipment when the oxygen bag is opened.

Despite its compact size, the oxygen bag can hold a large amount of equipment - such as LMA, laryngoscopes, NPA, OPA, etc. - for airway handling.

The oxygen bag is reinforced in the bottom and behind the oxygen bottle, which ensures that the oxygen bag can be stored both lying down and standing.