Oxygen Bag (AED)




Oxygen bag suitable for fire trucks and first responders as it incorporates the heart starter into the oxygen bag, thereby reducing the number of bags to be handled at the site of injury.

Weight: 2,2 kg (empty)
Dimensions: H 28 cm - W 60 cm - D 27 cm

  • Room for 3L oxygen bottle
  • Flexible lid that lets the user decide how much to open the bag.
  • Reinforced at the bottom and behind the oxygen bottle so that the oxygen bag can be stored lying down or standing.
  • Reinforced shoulder straps
  • Can be serviced and modified at Rodvig´s workshop in Denmark.

Spacious yet compact oxygen bag with room for cardiac starters, making this oxygen bag suitable for use as an emergency bag in fire trucks or with the first responder.

The oxygen bag is based on the same basic principles as our oxygen bag for ambulances and emergency vehicles. Compact, clear and easy access to the equipment are the guiding principles.

The oxygen bag contains one 3L oxygen bottle, as well as space for oxygen masks, glasses and ventilation bags for adults and children.