OMNI™️ PRO X - BLS/ALS Total System (TS2 Ready™️)

The OMNI™️PRO X is the perfect BLS/ALS bag for the first responder who wants an organized solution for their equipment with options, and with COMPLETE INFECTION CONTROL. Constructed internally and externally from non-absorbing wipe-clean materials the OMNI™️PRO X is specially designed to easily clean and remove blood borne pathogens. The OMNI™️PRO X is the foundation for a system of TS2 Ready™️ first responder bags that are interchangeable, enabling the first responder to attach internal or external modules depending on the team’s requirements. Now available with NIJ certified Level IIIA ballistic M4L Armored Ballistic Protection, the OMNI™️PRO X can withstand multiple rounds including a .44 MAG, providing protection so you can advance quicker onto an unsecure shooter scene to quickly aid and evacuate the injured.

Product Dimensions: 38,1 cm x 55,88 cm x 24,13 cm
Product Weight: 4,93 kg