Medicine Folder



Robust durable Medicin folder, which protects medication vials, ampoules and more.

The structure of the folder ensures a clear storage of the medicine and makes it easy to find the desired preparation.


Weight: xx kg (empty).

Dimensions: H xx cm - W xx cm - D xx cm.

  • Can be tailored to your needs.
  • Fits in all our emergency cases.
  • Possibility of flexible construction.
  • Ampoules are fixed so labels are visible.
  • Heavy-duty elastics, clear plastic pockets / nets for vials, enema, auto-injectors, etc.
  • Can be serviced and modified at Rodvig´s workshop in Denmark


When administering medication in a stressful environment and under non-optimal working conditions it is important that the medication is stored in a manner that promotes order and accessibility. Factors that are all important when it comes to patient safety.

A Rodvig Medicin Folder is constructed of a robust disinfectant material, so the medicine vials are protected from external influences when the Folder is stored in the bag. Moreover, when opened, it can act as a clean workplace.

When stored the ampoule labels are clearly visible wich helps ensure good and safe medication management.

For the larger vials, auto-injectors, enema, etc. the folder is equipped with strong elastic bands and clear plastic pockets or nets. This ensures that even large items can be stored easily and easily accessible.

If our standard Medicine folder does not exactly meet your need, it can be customized exactly to customer needs. We have extensive experience in various configurations of folders and are happy to contribute our knowledge, make an appointment and describe what you want.

An Medicine folder can live a hard life. All our folders can therefore be repaired / serviced at our workshop in Denmark.