Emergency bag that prioritises easy, fast and transparent equipment storage. In a bag designed to fill as little as possible at an injury site and can be transported safely in the ambulance if the emergency physician is to follow the patient.

- Weight: xx kg (empty)
- Dimensions: H xx cm - W xx cm - D xx cm

  • Access to medication without having to open the bag.
  • Exterior pockets for scroll folders. There can be equipment for intubation, airway management, intravenous access -PVK, IO, etc.
  • Outer storage of cannula box.
  • Colour-coded removable inner bags, designed to be operated with gloves, as well as with a robust eye for easy removal.
  • Can be serviced and modified at Rodvig's workshop in Denmark

With this emergency bag, we have prioritised easy and quick access to the equipment  the emergency doctor / paramedic needs most on the emergency medical vehicle. Equipment that is often used under non-optimal working conditions and time constraints.

There is quick access to medicines stored in the front pocket of the emergency bag and also easy access to the cannula box, making it easy to dispose of broken ampoules and needles.

Likewise, there is easy and quick access to the side pocket and top pockets that can accommodate a roll folder with equipment for intubating the patient or a roll folder with equipment for the construction of intravenous access in the form of PVK, IO etc.

Inside the bag is a division of colour-coded inner bags, with transparent lids providing a good clear storage and clear visibilty of contents. Each inner bag can be removed so that the handling of the emergency medical car's equipment can be adapted to the injury site.

All inner bags and rollers are designed to be handled with gloves on and are equipped with a strong handle / eyelet for easy quick removal of the bag.