Doctors Bag

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Compact yet spacious and manageable medical bag, with room for much equipment.

- Weight: 3.2 kg (empty)
- Dimensions: H 37 cm - W 44 cm - D 25 cm (empty)

  • Transparent inner pockets
  • Plate for ampoules and vials
  • Can be serviced and modified at Rodvig´s workshop in Denmark

A spacious bag that can be mounted on a trolley – so this heavy duty bag can be rolled, rather than carried to the patient.

Clarity and easy access are the design priorities of this bag. All pockets are made of clear plastic so that equipment is visible making it easy to find. Some of the pockets are equipped with straps so that the pockets can be sealed avoiding the need to go through the whole bag when it needs to be repackaged.

The bag is compact, but can still hold a large amount of equipment, including our Rodvig medicine folder. This means medicines are stored separately and clearly, as well as equipment for airway management, medication administration, etc.

The size of the bag and the way it is opened means that it does not require much space in the patient’s home.