Emergency Bag

EMERGENCY BAGEmergency bag that prioritises easy, fast and transparent equipment storage. In a bag designed to fill as little as possible at an injury site and can be transported safely in the ambulance if the emergency physician is to follow the patient.- Weight: xx kg (empty)- Dimensions: H xx cm – W xx cm – D xx cm Access to … Read More

Oxygen Bag

Rescue Bag

RESCUE BAG- Weight: 3.1 kg (empty) – Dimensions: H 49 cm – W 43 cm – D 25 cm (empty) Outer pockets for easy access to equipment. Colour-coded, removable inner bags, designed to be operated with gloves, as well as with a robust eyelet / handle for easy removal. Reinforced bottom, carrying handle and shoulder straps. Can be serviced and … Read More

Rescue Bag Mini

RESCUE BAG MINIWITH ROOM FOR AEDCompact and sturdy treatment bag suitable for emergency treatment sector or as storage of specialised equipment. The same layout as our treatment bag targeted at ambulance and prehospital emergency physicians.Weight: 2,4 kg (empty)Dimensions: H 37 cm – W 43 cm – D 21 cm (empty) Quick and easy access to cardiac arrest Easy access to … Read More

Oxygen Bag 2

OXYGEN BAG 2Oxygen bag developed in collaboration with Hovedstadens Beredskab in Copenhagen. The oxygen bag focusses on comfort and clarity with easy access to the equipment.Weight: 2,3 kg (empty) Dimensions: H 60 cm – W 32 cm – D 23 cm Room for 3L oxygen bottle Room for oxygen powered suction with 1L Serres fluids container Transparent pockets Strong carrying … Read More

Oxygen Bag (AED)

OXYGEN BAGWITH ROOM FOR AEDOxygen bag suitable for fire trucks and first responders as it incorporates the heart starter into the oxygen bag, thereby reducing the number of bags to be handled at the site of injury. Weight: 2,2 kg (empty) Dimensions: H 28 cm – W 60 cm – D 27 cm Room for 3L oxygen bottle Flexible lid … Read More

Doctors Bag

GP DOCTORS BAGCompact yet spacious and manageable medical bag, with room for much equipment.- Weight: 3.2 kg (empty) – Dimensions: H 37 cm – W 44 cm – D 25 cm (empty) Transparent inner pockets Plate for ampoules and vials Can be serviced and modified at Rodvig´s workshop in Denmark A spacious bag that can be mounted on a trolley … Read More

Medicine Folder

MEDICINE FOLDERRobust durable Medicin folder, which protects medication vials, ampoules and more. The structure of the folder ensures a clear storage of the medicine and makes it easy to find the desired preparation.  Weight: xx kg (empty). Dimensions: H xx cm – W xx cm – D xx cm. Can be tailored to your needs. Fits in all our emergency … Read More